Every app should have a My Bookings tile

Stephanie Hutchings
04-Sep-2017 19:29:27

Even if your app doesn't have Activities booking and only has Class booking, a "My Bookings" tile is really useful for users.

It allows them to:

  • See all their class bookings in the future without having to scroll through classes they haven't booked
  • See all their past bookings also

The video shows this from an app user's perspective. See below on how to add a My Bookings tile to your home screen...  

To add a My Booking tile to your home screen:

  1. Create an Activity Booking module and name it 
  2. Set the default tab to My Bookings
  3. Save
  4. Create a tile on the home screen for My Bookings and link it to the My Bookings module

The video shows this in detail:

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