Gladstone Cloud: How We're Upgrading Our Current 'Hosted' Platform

Jemima Walker
25-Feb-2022 13:08:03

Move over ‘hosting’, Gladstone Cloud’s in town 

We’re excited to announce an upgrade in Gladstone’s infrastructure for our leisure management software. We’re moving away from the Rackspace hardware that currently hosts our Signature software, to a more reliable and scalable cloud-based platform in Azure. Introducing Gladstone Cloud, our new platform that will form the basis of our cloud solution for Signature products, as well as house our new SaaS solution, GladstoneGo.  


What is Gladstone Cloud? 

Gladstone Cloud is our new cloud-based platform which will be replacing our current ‘hosted’ platform. Rather than using dedicated hardware, we’re moving databases into modern infrastructure. Built from the ground up, Gladstone Cloud is in Azure and is built for scalability so we can match each customers’ needs based on their variable usage. 


What are the benefits of Gladstone Cloud? 

  • Scalable – the scalable servers with adaptive monitors will scale automatically to cover peak times. This means that peaks in server traffic such as common midnight peaks will never be an issue 
  • Up to date – your software will always be on the latest version so there’s no need to request upgrades, they just happen 
  • No downtime – upgrades happen within minutes not days and there’s no disruption whilst your software is being upgraded 
  • Optimum performance – you’ll get the performance you need with advanced caching and the immediate benefit of any application performance changes we put in place 
  • Secure – enhanced security protects your data from a range of web attacks, DDOS attacks and bots  


How to upgrade to the Gladstone Cloud?  

For our customers currently on our ‘hosted’ platform: 

All of our customers currently on the Signature Hosted platform will be automatically upgraded to Gladstone Cloud. There’s nothing you need to do to prepare – no database migration needed. The upgrade will be free of charge and can be done whilst you’re operating so there’s no downtime. We will contact you before your upgrade with all the information you need.   

As we won't be upgrading all operators at once, please let your account manager know if you’d prefer to be upgraded sooner rather than later in the order and we'll see what we can do. 

One step closer to Go 

As Gladstone Cloud is in the same data centre as GladstoneGo, this makes things very simple should you ever wish to make a move to Go in the future. Downtime during the migration is greatly reduced compared to migrating to Go from a different data centre so you'll be in a much better position to make the move. 


For our customers currently using on-premise software:  

Having servers in-house can be risky, costly, and time-consuming to manage. Moving your software to a cloud system comes with a whole host of benefits, not least keeping up with the modern direction in which the leisure industry and Gladstone are moving in both using and developing leisure software.    

Are you interested in learning more about moving your Signature products into the cloud? Get in touch below to find out more.  

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