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Paula Tate
19-Aug-2019 16:23:38

The old saying goes: “Customer is King, but Profit is Queen, and the woman usually wins the argument”

In a sector like leisure, the fine line between making customers really happy and making enough money to keep your head above water is very hard to walk. Decreasing budgets, increasing bills and the ever more demanding customer make every day a balancing act.

We know that everything is tougher this year than it was last year, that belts seem tighter, and that actually spending on improvements seems even further off than ever before. We are always working to see how and where we can save you money, and we’ve come up with a little something- not a big thing, but enough to perhaps help you to breathe a little easier in the future. Additionally, this little something is not going to penalise your customers, in fact, it will help to improve their experience and perhaps even improve your customer satisfaction.

GladstonePay is a payment gateway for online purchases. When a customer buys something from you online with a credit or debit card, the payment gateway is the project manager of that transaction telling all of the various banks (yours, the customer’s, your acquirer) what to do and when. Some of the big payment gateway providers include PayPal and WorldPay.

Quite simply put, GladstonePay could provide this same service for online transactions cheaper than your current provider, you might only be saving pennies per transaction, but think about how that is going to add up over the course of a year- it may well end up saving you hundreds of pounds.

Additionally, to help your customer’s journey and to enable them to purchase easily and regularly from your website, GladstonePay also provides tokenised payments. Tokenised payment is when the provider can remember your details every time you come back to make a repeat purchase- when was the last time you had to key your card number into Amazon? Because GladstonePay is managing all of this information, it is completely secure and not stored anywhere on your systems, so you can be confident that customers will be able to come back again and again with an easy to use process.

So, we believe we can save you money and help your customers have a better online experience.  Why not challenge us today to beat your current price? After all, “A penny saved is a penny earned”.

Review the GladstonePay page on our website.

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