GladstoneGo: Revamping the Joining & Booking Process

Jemima Walker
18-Jun-2021 13:41:41

As a forward-thinking leisure management provider, we are constantly looking for ways we can improve our software and make our operators’ and their customers' lives easier. As we were reviewing the booking and joining process, we couldn’t help thinking to ourselves, ‘can’t everything just be a bit simpler?’. Inputting a load of personal details only to find there isn’t a HIIT class available on the date you want to go is time consuming and frustrating. Wouldn’t it be easier if everything were out in the open and consumers could view class descriptions, times, prices, and availability instantly with no need to log in? It was time to do things a bit differently.

That’s where GladstoneGo comes in. We believe our brand-new cloud native SaaS solution will be a gamechanger for the leisure industry. Operators can now deliver a seamless online shopping experience for booking and joining. Online bookings are a normal part of our everyday lives now - want to book a table in the pub? A haircut? Simple. Customers are now expecting a straightforward online booking process for any appointments and activities and we can help you to not only meet those expectations, but exceed them.

In a world where Covid-19 has accelerated the rate of digital transformation, it's now more important than ever to stay relevant as an industry. By offering a modern platform that's fully configurable, your offering can seamlessly fit the journey you want to deliver to end users. 

Online booking

As a SaaS product, all enhancements and updates in GladstoneGo are delivered instantly as and when they are tested and released. No waiting around twiddling your thumbs whilst updates are being installed or server maintenance is happening. This means that GladstoneGo is constantly evolving with new feature releases, ensuring that you’re always up to speed and staying one step ahead of the changing demands of the leisure industry.

Booking is a breeze

GladstoneGo turns the traditional booking process on its head. No more hiding your offerings from view, GladstoneGo gives operators a ‘shop window’ to display all classes and activities in an open and accessible format. Using Go, you can browse to your heart’s content – no need to log in or input any personal details to browse and view availability in classes and activities. Simply search and see what takes your fancy!

Not just for members

And you don’t need to be a member to book. Anyone can book a class or activity and pay online as a guest without having to make a phone call or queue up at reception. It couldn’t be easier for first-timers, PAYG customers and members alike.  'Guest check-out' reduces basket abandonment and provides operators with a prospecting list for up-sell to other subs.

Class Booking

Users simply search for a class, and they’ll have full visibility - they can see how many spaces are available, the cost of the class, and any additional information before inputting any personal details. Want to book multiple classes? Not a problem, simply add to basket and pay later.  

Activity Booking

Using our unique timetable view, consumers can browse which courts and activity spaces are available throughout the days and weeks ahead (depending on your booking policy). They can make a selection and proceed to payment or add to basket and continue browsing activities and classes.


Joining just got simpler

With the extensive selection of membership types and options available, it’s no wonder that potential customers can feel overwhelmed when looking to join a new gym or leisure centre.

GladstoneGo, simplifies the joining process so prospective customers can easily find and pay for their perfect membership online in 4 simple steps.

Become a member in 4 simple steps

1. Browse

No need to trawl through all available options – consumers can use filters to refine their search and only view the memberships relevant to them. And the prices are always visible too, so they know exactly what’s what. When selecting a membership, consumers will be able to select options to further refine their choice – single/multi site access, peak/off-peak times. These extra options are fully configurable by the operator.

GG Gym only membership

2. Input personal details

Again, this is fully configurable so you can choose to collect any details you need at this stage. Email? Date of birth? Anything you like. We recommend keeping it simple, ask less upfront and do the profiling leg work later.  And GladstoneGo is hooked up to GB Group so inputting addresses is super simple.

3. Enter payment details

All soon-to-be members need to do now is enter their payment details. Having already selected their payment method in step 1, this is very straightforward. And this step can be fully integrated with our own payment solution, GladstonePay.

4. Confirmation

And voila! It’s that simple. After completing the purchase, customers will reach a confirmation page as well as receiving an email, so they can be sure their purchase went through, and can find out next steps in their member journey!


It’s all about me in the My Account area...

Anyone who books a class or activity or buys a membership will automatically be set up with an account registration using an email address. This doesn’t mean that anything changes if they’re a PAYG user - they can continue to book classes as a guest like normal, it simply makes it super fast and simple to re-book classes over and over again with the same credentials. But it does mean that anyone who wants to utilise it has a dedicated profile area in their My Account section where they can edit details and preferences, view upcoming and previous bookings, and keep track of their recent activity.


The user is in control. We’ve built in a gamification feature so users can see how complete their profile is, which encourages them to fill out more details and complete their account.

Watch this space because we have some big plans for more great features to be added to the My Account area! As GladstoneGo is in a continuous development cycle, new updates and features will automatically be released when they're ready - no downtime and no need to install anything. Simple.

Make it your own

Another great thing about GladstoneGo is that it’s fully customisable – make it your own with your colours, branding and configure various options to reflect your membership offering. This will give your users a seamless experience, they won’t even feel like they’ve left your website.

GG TreadactiveTreadActive is Gladstone's very own demo site - the screenshot above demonstrates the customisation
that can be achieved to perfectly match the look and feel of your website. 

We’re so excited about GladstoneGo and we can’t wait to see how it will shape the way our operators do things moving forwards. It’s time to give your customers the modern consumer experience they crave and are used to in other aspects of everyday life!

Why not book a demo to see for yourself just how simple the booking and joining process is?

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