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05-Feb-2019 10:24:49

Cash is on the way out.

Last year we saw the first Pub in Britain do away with cash completely.  The pub chain Wetherspoon reported that the proportion of cash payments has fallen by about five percentage points every year for the past four years, dropping from 78% of all purchases in 2012-13 to 60% in 2016-17.

As few as one in 10 customers pay in cash at cafes – and a few have jettisoned cash altogether.

Some of our customers have already moved to this model and the trend is likely to continue. Gladstone has provided the option to go cashless for a while now but with our recent Threadneedle platform upgrade, this now becomes a far more workable solution for operators. With our latest release, members will now be able to create a cashless account which can be topped up online with Connect, Join@Home, via Mobile Pro or at one of our Self Service Kiosks. 

What does this mean?

Well for operators, it makes it much easier to eradicate cash from your business, making savings on cash handling, improving security and speeding up end-of-day processing.  For your members it adds an extra level of convenience, paying for classes or activities from their account at time of booking. 

Drive this even further by combining with our Loyalty module, awarding points for certain activities which can be redeemed against new bookings/products as full or part payment (our loyalty module is also now available across all our customer facing modules in the Threadneedle upgrade). 

Loyalty Program card with colorful background with defocused lights

Combine all this with Gladstone EPOS and RFID EasyBands and you can create a truly cashless environment across your facilities. Members with credit on their cashless account can pay for drinks, snacks, goggles or any retail product by simply tapping their band at any Gladstone Point of Sale.


This combination of convenience and cashless is known to increase secondary spend. And remember the Easyband itself can be retailed to members (at a profit), especially when used for access control, lockers, fitness kit and now cashless payments, we know that members and customers are happy to pay one-off cost to upgrade from a basic card.

Turn the cost of ID into a revenue stream, improve the customer journey and enhance your brand all in one easy step, like ActiveSterling and Hambleton District Council.  

Get in touch today and begin your journey to a cash free world.

Talk to your Account Manager about Threadneedle (running on the hosted environment the Threadneedle upgrade is completely FREE) and review the range of ID services and solutions. 

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