What is the Question? Let’s Build the Answer with Gladstone Reports, Powered by Sisense

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06-Jul-2022 16:39:36

‘The numbers speak for themselves.' There’s no denying that it’s all about data these days. But a stack of data isn’t much use without a comprehensive and rigorous way to analyse it. Data can be analysed for a whole host of reasons. Whether to identify trends in revenue, customer satisfaction, centre capacity, class popularity and so much more, drilling down into the finer details informs business decisions based on previously hidden knowledge stashed away within all those numbers.

With that being said, we’re very excited to announce a project we’ve been working hard on – a brand-new reporting and advanced analytics tool! Introducing Gladstone Reports & Analytics by Sisense. 

Who are Sisense?

A leading business intelligence company, Sisense are at the top of their game in the data analytics world. Their aim is to leverage artificial intelligence to analyse data in the right ways, getting the most out of it by way of powerful visual reports. That’s why we’re integrating Sisense technology as the foundation of our new Gladstone Reporting.

The power of dashboards

From simple charts to more complex dashboards, the possibilities with your data are endless. Don’t just create a report because you’ve been doing it for the last 5 years. Instead, make the data work for you and ensure each dashboard tells a story. Let’s say that you need to sell 30 new memberships a month to hit your target and be successful as an organisation. But what is that value to the business? And if you’re not on target, which is the next set of data you need on hand to make a difference and help turn things around?

Have a look below at a couple of examples of what your dashboards could show you.

Sisense Dashboards (4)An example of what a Sales dashboard could look like.


Sisense Dashboards (5)An example of what a Bookings dashboard could look like.


Who are the reports for?

You’ll be used to running various operational reports for your centre(s) – monitoring the throughput of people through your doors, the number of memberships sold per month or looking at fluctuating class capacity throughout the day. These are of course extremely important, especially for the likes of your Centre Managers, but Gladstone Reports can expand your reporting capabilities to other users as well.

We’re dialling things up a notch from our current reporting solution and making it even more versatile. For example, your Chief Exec might be looking for a very different kind of report than your Centre Manager. For many, the commitment to inclusivity and giving an equal opportunity to all is at the forefront of their mission led by government edicts. With Gladstone Reporting, users can drill into any data set captured within the LMS, such as the demographics of their customers, and gain important insights whilst highlighting areas for improvement.

We’ve taken on board your comments on our previous reporting interfaces and know they can sometimes be a bit complex and tricky to visualise. That’s why Gladstone Reports is built with visuals front and centre, so you won’t need a data expert to quickly glean what’s happening in your centre.


Getting smart with reporting

Data analytics shouldn't be static. With built-in AI, Gladstone Reports will begin to predict future outcomes, giving you the power to make informed decisions. Let the data unequivocally determine the best time to launch a new class, attract a certain member demographic or give you a fresh approach to sports hall utilisation.


How will reports be delivered?

As with eyeQ, a variety of common reports will be included, but wouldn't you like to go one step further and glean more from your data using in-depth analytics? There is scope to purchase a Gladstone Reporting ‘design’ licence which will enable specialists in data analytics to create and design bespoke dashboards. If you have a specific report in mind and don’t have an in-house data scientist, Gladstone Consultancy services can provide tailor-made reports and dashboards for you.


What are the pre-requisites?

Gladstone Reporting is available to all hosted customers, and those on GladstoneGo. And more good news? The Sisense Reporting Connector (SRC) is included in Gladstone Reports – you can read more about this in our blog post.

Already using PowerBi? You'll need the Universal Reporting Connector (URC) to link to PowerBI, so why not go above and beyond and use both? Whilst PowerBi is exceptionally powerful, the Gladstone reporting suite will be specifically designed for leisure, so together they would make an impressive combination.

Have your say…

This is where you come in! We’re not just going to replicate everything from the past, we’re reimagining leisure reporting to create intelligent reports that can predict the future. We’d really like your input for some of the more niche reports and understand those big unanswered questions! You know the business of running a successful operation and your Gladstone system captures the data, but what data analytics would help you do it even better?

Gladstone Reporting is natural language enabled. It’s all about knowing the ‘right’ questions to ask - ones that create actionable insights which in turn improve operational effectiveness. So, what is your question? We want to build the answer for you.

Want to help shape the future of leisure reporting? Comment below to give us your thoughts and ideas for the ‘art of the possible’ to incorporate into next-generation Gladstone Reporting. Take it for granted everything you report on today using eyeQ is already covered!

Want to learn more? Watch the recording of the Gladstone Reporting webinar held December, 2021. (40 mins) - this webinar is ideally suited to existing Gladstone customers.

If you're not a Gladstone customer, why not book a call today to learn more about our leisure management solutions?


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